Patio Cleaning Wirral, Liverpool, Chester

Patio Cleaning Wirral, Liverpool, Chester.

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We provide a professional, affordable and fully insured. Patio cleaning service in and around the Wirral, Liverpool and Chester areas.

Our patio cleaning service is for all patio surfaces.

We clean block paving, concrete paving, imprinted concrete, tarmac, Indian Sandstone and resibonded surfaces.

Concrete Paving Patio Cleaning - Moreton, Wirral

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Depending on the surface. We have various techniques and methods that we use. In most cases we use a high pressure surface cleaner.

This ensures that all the surface is cleaned evenly. Along with reducing the amount of spray created helping prevent surrounding areas from being affected.

If required in cases of oil, paint or other stubborn stains we may need to apply a treatment.

(Please note all products used, are certified as eco-friendly and biodegradable).

Once this process is completed. We will use a high pressure lance to remove any stubborn stains. Along with any areas that couldn’t be cleaned using the surface cleaner.

Finally we will rinse down the surface and any surounding areas.

We also provide resanding, sealing and restoration services. To all the surfaces that we clean.

Additionally we offer monthly maintenance service to the surfaces that we clean.

Ensuring your surface remains clean and maintained all year round.

For more information on our patio maintenance service. Please follow this link

See our flat surface cleaner in action cleaning an Indian sandstone patio.